Every star has a sober sparkle.

On a clear night, look at a star though a telescope. And what can be seen? Here are some reasonable options: A) A star that appears larger than usual, but it offers nothing remarkable to warrant the use of a telescope. B) A star that is pleasantly uncommon. Its details correct the wondering eye. C) … Continue reading Every star has a sober sparkle.

Conspiracy and Clairvoyance.

Notes about the Mysterious Bluffs. This is a memo mainly about an upcoming rapper from the Mysterious Bluffs, who eventually joins forces with Micheal Midas to foil the abduction of a young hostess at a cocktail bar - but that’s another story for later. Anyway, this budding rapper is nearly twenty years old, a bit … Continue reading Conspiracy and Clairvoyance.

Sly about Venus de Milo.

  Notes about the Mysterious Bluffs. Micheal Midas divorced his wife after she cheated on him two years into their marriage. He was blue about how fast the relationship had turned sour, though relieved she signed a prenup. At times the antiques dealer was still amazed his flighty ex had agreed to the final say … Continue reading Sly about Venus de Milo.

The Balmy Narcissist.

Narcissist is the popular term these days to describe the endless array of like-hungry wolves on social media.  Abound in techniques to gain ultimate attention, they groom friends into fans using a facade of meaningful interaction, convincing them that mutual interests are the reason they must be cared about more than others. The narcissist shares a … Continue reading The Balmy Narcissist.