Every star has a sober sparkle.

On a clear night, look at a star though a telescope. And what can be seen?

Here are some reasonable options:

A) A star that appears larger than usual, but it offers nothing remarkable to warrant the use of a telescope.

B) A star that is pleasantly uncommon. Its details correct the wondering eye.

C) A star that promises a new world – but who can trust a star to predict the unforeseen events that come with a promise.

D) A star that guides a person’s fate like a lighthearted sheepherder – yet will the star peacefully withdraw from the power of control at the end of the journey?

E) A star that dazzles with inept significance. A leprechaun is hiding behind it, lying in wait, preparing to jump into the limelight and smother the expectation that the star can be outmatched by an unobtainable utopia.

F) A star that is arrogant and overrated. It drives the sympathy for the useless asteroids that crash into each other in the cold of space.

G) A star that wishes it was you, so it can understand why you were looking at it.

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