To my ex-wife Zelda: I miss you, babes.

Well, I miss a part of you.

You know what part?

The part when you fall asleep after waging a war on me all night. The war to turn my head into a dream of never ending joy – Your ammunition was the tale about how great the world will turn out for us because we were together. It was the tale that loosened my logic, and sold out my sense. And in the end, no matter the great feelings your tale brought at the time, no matter that it lead me to believe we would create the ultimate utopia as one, we wound up in unredeemable situations that you snickered about, as though pain was a pompous, self-satisfying joke.

And then, when the repercussions of those situations set in, you’d devalue them to irrelevance in order to make room for the next gratifying dream you had in store for us.

And away we went, as though it was the first dream all over again.

Zelda, we need to stay away from each other.


It will help me miss the part of you that deserves to be missed forever and ever!

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