Dear Hubert.

Hi, my name is Hubert Grady. I’m a Life Coach Here in the Mysterious Bluffs.

If you haven’t noticed already, Micheal Midas has been away awhile.

Now, it’s for a good reason.

You see, Micheal is busy at a secret location compiling sensitive information for the next episode of the Mysterious Bluffs.

For the time being, he’s asked me to cover this blog, and help bring some positivity to you folks who listen to the show.

Here and there, I’ll drop a letter I’ve received from one of my satisfied clients, followed by my response.

Dear Hubert,

My name is Diana Warwick. I am a woman in her middle thirties, who is a tall and attractive – but I have an eating problem. Now, when the phrase “eating problem” usually has to do with weight, but not in my case. Everything I eat disappears into thin air, and I really don’t exercise much and I eat a lot. I’ll have steak and eggs for breakfast, an extra large salad and four bowls of soup for lunch, and an entire 15lb salmon for dinner, and I don’t have a pinch around my waist. I’ve been to the doctor for a check up, and apparently nothing is wrong. What is my body doing with all the food?


First of all, eating is only a problem when it has a negative impact in your life. If you don’t mind the extra cost of the food, then you should learn to enjoy a good meal.

A good big meal.

However, I find your story of eating an excess of food highly unlikely and I believe you’re imagining it. I sense you are on a strict diet, and food appears for you like a water mirage in the desert.

You said you don’t have an extra pinch around your waist. It’s interesting that you say pinch. Do you pinch your waist to check it’s size? Or are you really pinching yourself for a more important reason that you don’t realize? To pinch one’s waist will also snap oneself into into reality, which means you must have been dreaming beforehand. And what else does one on a strict diet dream of but an excessive meal!



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