The Balmy Narcissist.

Photo by Jejero.

Narcissist is the popular term these days to describe the endless array of like-hungry wolves on social media.  Abound in techniques to gain ultimate attention, they groom friends into fans using a facade of meaningful interaction, convincing them that mutual interests are the reason they must be cared about more than others.

The narcissist shares a meatloaf recipe with a picture of themselves in an apron, but the picture journeys beyond the realm of collective appeal, into the abyss of self-aggrandizing mania. How dare a follower miss the ingredients that comprise the chef’s face! It is captured at a well pondered angle, then photoshopped to celebrity evenness.

Micheal Midas, the host and lead character of The Mysterious Bluffs, suffers from attention seeking unrest at times, though in a lighthearted manner with boundaries. He spends little time on the internet, trying to amass a drove of admirers. Instead, he worries that nobody lives with him to appreciate his beautifully large home, but doesn’t find victims to hold captive in it. He believes that a friend is seeing a movie with him to enjoy his company, rather than to find out which way the plot twists.

The narcism Micheal Midas shows is harmlessly vexing for other locals, though many of them are rife with self-love themselves. In a community where mystery is the mainstay, he is near innocent of deterring the adventures it brings with navel-gazing.


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